Smartphone Photography for Business

B4B member, Marie-Clare Byard owner of Now Media will be presenting at our next lunchtime learning on how to, unlock the power of your smartphone camera and elevate your brand’s visual game without breaking the bank!

Marie-Clare has been running her business Now Media since 2016, working at events running the event owners’ social media channels, freeing them up to host their events and not worry about social media, because Now Media had it covered! Creating, engaging and posting content across their social media platforms live during the events!

When all events were cancelled due to COVID lockdown, Marie-Clare pivoted into online training. She has been working as a contract trainer part-time now with Content Plan for 2.5 years, educating business owners via the LEO networks all over Ireland.

She will share with us her knowledge, experience and expertise on all things creative and give us her top tips on how to create better photographs that showcase your business, all with just your smartphone – Photography 101!

  • Date : May 14, 2024
  • Venue : Array

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