Roger Caesar

Roger Caesar

Keynote Speaker

    Roger Caesar has earned international recognition as a professional speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with over 5,000 speeches and numerous workshops. His expertise and impact extend from prestigious platforms like TEDx to achieving a top-three placement in the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking. Roger's dynamic presentations resonate deeply, consistently leaving audiences inspired and eager for more.

    In the realm of business, Roger is at the helm of a thriving family-owned logistics company, a legacy initiated by his father over four decades ago. His entrepreneurial spirit is matched by his commitment to community engagement and enrichment.

    Additionally, Roger co-hosts the "Great Convos" podcast every Monday alongside fellow speaking champion Alexandre Matte, available on LinkedIn and Facebook. This platform further showcases his talent for meaningful dialogue and thought leadership.

    With more than ten years of experience in motivating individuals in various settings, including corporate environments, Roger founded Caesar Empire Speaking and Coaching. In this venture, he excels as a coach, helping others discover and harness their unique voices; as a trainer, he imparts the nuances of effective communication; and as a speaker, he forms deep connections with his audience through impactful storytelling and profound messages.

    At the core of Roger's philosophy is the belief in the boundless potential within each individual. His passion lies in guiding you to "Find Your Greatness," a testament to his dedication to personal and professional development.