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Creatiffic’s Graphic Design Camp for Kids

Encourage and hone the creativity skills of your child by enrolling him/her for our 5-Days graphic design camp for kids

Business Education and Networking

Social Media as a Revenue Enhancing Tool

Learn how you can use social media in your business to enhance revenue generation and profitability.

Unleash the Power of Seamless Events

Made for event planners, to support the creation of extraordinary event-planning experiences.

Highlighted Event

The Fort 2024 - D71 Toastmasters Conference

Join us for an inspiring journey at "The Fort 2024 - the Toastmasters District 71 conference" this May.

What we offer

Event Listing

The solution provides a platform to showcase and promote events, allowing organizers to create detailed event listings with essential information such as date, time, location, description, and images

Attendee Managemet

Our solution provides tools for organizers to manage attendee information, track registrations, and generate attendee reports. This streamlines the process of managing guest lists and facilitates effective communication with attendees.

Online Ticket Sales

Attendees can easily browse and purchase tickets for events directly through the online ticketing system. This eliminates the need for physical ticket sales and provides a convenient and secure way for attendees to secure their spots.

Event Analytics

Organizers can access analytics and reporting features to gain insights into ticket sales, attendance trends, and attendee demographics. This data helps organizers measure the success of their events, make informed decisions, and improve future event planning strategies.

Event Promotion

Event organizers can leverage our marketing tools to promote their events, reach a wider audience, and increase ticket sales. This may include features like email marketing, social media integration, promotional codes, and referral programs.

Ticket Customization

Event organizers can create different ticket types and pricing options to cater to various attendee needs, such as general admission, VIP passes, early bird discounts, group tickets, or special packages.

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